Group Disability Insurance

 Many of us will face a loss of income due to a disability at some point during our working years. That’s why disability insurance is such a valuable employee benefit. One big advantage of group disability is that there are no pre-existing condition limitations with most plans.

If one of your employees becomes ill or is injured, knowing that they will still have income while off the job is an invaluable gift! Group disability provides that peace of mind. Group disability insurance falls into two main categories: Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD).

Coverage for short-term disability usually starts anywhere from one to 14 days after suffering a condition that leaves your employee unable to work. Duration of STD is typically between 10 to 26 weeks.

Long-term disability provides a monthly benefit to cover longer lasting illnesses or injuries. Plans can be designed to cover a period from one year to up to age 65. LTD normally has a longer waiting period than STD. The most common elimination times are 30, 60, 90 or 180 days and can be as long as one or two years if a STD plan is in place.

Both types of group disability insurance can provide the following benefits:
Flexible benefit percentages of pre-disability earnings
No pre-existing condition limitation with most plans
Progressive return-to-work provisions that encourage and support disabled employees in returning to work
Rehabilitation plan incentives including training, education, family care, job-related, and job search expenses

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